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Welcome to Serente Spa,
Tanglewood's hidden little gem!
Serente Spa was established in 2011 by Linda Cuffari. Founded on the idea that a boutique day spa could deliver the same type of experience you would receive at a resort. We’ve chosen the finest services for the mind, body and spirit in a warm and relaxing environment.
Linda, being a licensed esthetician since 1985, has very high standards for herself and her team. We employ only master therapists to ensure a first-class visit every time. Our estheticians and massage therapists have a minimum of 15 years experience and a thirst for education. In an ever-changing industry, continued education and advancements in technology are very important to us.
Our spa treatments deliver the utmost in relaxation, rejuvenation and results with classic and advanced techniques in skin care, massage, body contouring, wellness and other spa services. We feature only the finest, most high-performing professional products to help transform your skin and nurture your body. With such a wide array of services to choose from and an ever changing menu, we suggest a consultation to discuss your goals and formulate a plan.
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Our team will ensure that you have a positive spa experience every visit. We promise to exceed your expectations, making each visit a truly unforgettable experience. Delivering service beyond expectation to each guest with each visit, requires a superior staff of highly qualified team members who are dedicated to their trade. Our talented therapists, relaxing environment and amazing clients have helped make Serente Spa as distinct as the Uptown, Houston area itself.
As a locally owned business, we’re dedicated to providing every client the individual attention and service you expect and deserve. Thank you for supporting us for over a decade. And to those of you that we have not met yet, we can’t wait to get to know you!
Wishing you love and health,
Linda Cuffari
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