Serente Ultimate Anti-Aging Boot Camp

Serente Ultimate Anti-Aging Boot Camp


The ultimate Anti-Aging facial and treatment for anyone wanting to revive and awaken skin’s youth, energy and radiance.

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About This Facial

If you want to win the battle against aging skin, enlisting in this anti-aging treatment package is a great strategy.  Reveal vibrant, younger-looking skin with the collagen-stimulating Fountain of Youth Caviar Facial and deeply moisturizing, hydration-balancing Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion.  10 minutes of added LED Light Therapy helps address multiple skin concerns including redness, hyperpigmentation, and acne while promoting anti-aging cellular rejuvenation.  In addition, the “Wow” Brow treatment gives tired eyes a more lifted, youthful, refreshed look by changing the position of the arch while also reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Next, experience our firming, collagen stimulating, intensely hydrating D-Age Body Wrap followed by 15-minutes of Oxygen Inhalation to enhance mental clarity and alertness.

  • Fountain of Youth Caviar Facial
  • Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion
  • LED Light Therapy (10 mins)
  • D-Age Body Wrap
  • 15 min Oxygen Inhalation
  • “Wow” Brow

(Approximately 3 hours)