Osmosis Facial Serum Infusion

Osmosis Facial Serum Infusion


Osmosis Facial Serum Infusion generates an incredible 30-day collagen production increase and is an amazing add-on treatment used to boost/speed the results of any Serente facial.



About This Osmosis Facial Serum Infusion
The Osmosis Facial Serum Infusion is unique because it avoids damaging the epidermis by penetrating several high-dose active ingredients into the dermis through liposomal delivery. This treatment enhances healing results for acne, aging, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation.
How It Works
Vitamin A is the best anti-aging ingredient we can offer our skin and the Osmosis Facial Serum Infusion uses only the most active, least irritating form: Retinaldehyde. This potent add-on treatment is the only non-acid peel that will infuse the dermis with fibroblast stimulators, immune booster, antioxidants, pigment lighteners, and calming anti- inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients. This powerful combination rejuvenates the skin by increasing collagen production, fighting free radical damage, scavenging scar tissue and helping reduce hyperpigmentation making it an amazing treatment for any skin type or condition.
While the Osmosis Facial Serum Infusion increases nourishment to the skin, natural cellular turnover is increased allowing for an effective, yet gentle resurfacing of the epidermis. Deep wrinkles will begin to diminish and elasticity and firmness will increase as your skin is infused with essential proven ingredients to help reverse aging and improve the overall health of your skin.