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Am I a good candidate for Hand treatments?

Whether you have a certain area on your body that has always bothered you, or you just want to minimize the effects of aging, just about anyone is a candidate for Venus Legacy treatments. Individuals who need minimal to moderate skin tightening or circumferential fat reduction generally get the best results from this treatment. Larger areas or extremely loose, sagging skin may require a different approach depending on the end results you want to achieve.

How It Works

Not only is this treatment completely painless, but it actually feels good – the Venus Legacy is a gentle, massaging treatment unlike other corrective procedures of this nature. Many clients have even claimed that the Venus Legacy feels like a hot stone massage and others have even fallen asleep during treatment.

When you are ready for your Venus Legacy treatment, one of our trained professionals will adjust the treatment settings appropriately. A gel will be applied to the skin, and then, with the Venus hand piece in contact with the skin, multiple passes will be made over the target area to raise the temperature of the skin to initiate collagen restructuring and fat cell reduction. You will feel a nice warmth over the skin. Treatment time depends on the area being treated, but once the treatment is complete, you can return to your regular activities immediately after

Complimentary consultation

Because everyone is different, we recommend a complimentary consultation if you are interested in the Venus Legacy. During a consultation, we will review your medical history, evaluate the area to be treated, and discuss your aesthetic goals to ensure that the Venus Legacy is the best treatment for you.


*This treatment is not indicated for individuals who are pregnant, or who have implantable defibrillators, cardiac pacemakers, or other metal implants.

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