Foot Scrub

Foot Scrub


Pamper your feet with this Add-On.

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About This Foot Scrub- Add on

We specialize in pampering your feet. We offer relaxing massages and soothing scrubs to gently work out the kinks in tight muscles, calm those irritated spots and give you silky, sexy feet without any uncomfortable or unsightly rough patches. Our Foot Scrub Therapy offers many benefits, including:

  • Smooth and protect feet
  • Soothe foot pain and discomfort
  • Refresh arches, toes and heels
How It Works

Hydrate and replenish the fresh feeling of your feet with foot scrub therapy. This treatment soothes and massages the feet on the arch, heel, and between the toes. Enhancement to our massage services.


Our Foot Scrub Therapy combines the most effective techniques and powerful products to give your feet that extra dose of luxury they deserve for serving you reliably day after day. The treatment may be available on its own or used in conjunction with your other favorite spa treatments for an incredibly relaxing, pampering treat for your feet and your entire body.