Collagen Sheet

Collagen Sheet


Lifting Solution to smooth out the skin and erase tiny lines and wrinkles.

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About This Collagen Sheet Facial- Add on

Collagen mask sheets consist of a fine fabric of insoluble collagen fibbers which are made from native collagen. These masks come as pads of non-woven tissues which are velvety and soft. Sheets contain neither chemicals nor coloring , nor perfumes or conservatives. When moistened, they assume a smooth gel-like state and thus can be shaped easily. Furthermore, they do not shrink when set onto the skin and they do not tear upon removal. During placement on the skin, the mask may be regarded as a second skin which brings moisturising property while minimising lines and reinforcing the epidermal layer. The skin is left supple, fresh and totally rested.

How It Works

It is recommended to use specific solutions to activate mask. These solutions are aqueous and complete the performance of collagen mask by delivering the skin with further active ingredients which are pointed to improve the cutaneous surface according to skin condition.

Two activating fluids for collagen mask are thus available:

* Anti-Free Radicals Solution to neutralize free radicals responsible for the deterioration of the cell membranes and retard the skin aging process.

* Lifting Solution to smooth out the skin and erase tiny lines and wrinkles


Collagen masks improve the skin's moisture content through direct skin contact.* When applied, they also provide a short occlusive effect which results in the stimulation of the capillary blood circulation, leaving the skin fresher.