Emergency Zit Kit (6.04 FL. OZ.)

Emergency Zit Kit (6.04 FL. OZ.)


The products in this Kit are made of non-toxic, natural ingredients that all work beautifully together to help KNOCK-OUT a Zit FAST!

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Need help knocking out a zit fast? Not to worry!

Included in this amazing Emergency Zit Kit is the SoothieQ Ice Therapy, Spot Serum, and Bed-time Minerals…

SoothieQ Ice Therapy is your Best Friend and Secret weapon when an annoying Zit makes its debut on your face. The cold therapy helps to soothe a throbbing Zit, calm down inflammation and shortens its duration. 

When you have a Zit that you want gone fast, you also want a product that is strong enough and effective enough to get rid of it quickly, but doesn't irritate or cause the skin to dry out, or cause more breakouts. The Spot Serum wins hands down.  Two key ingredients, natural Salicylic, Azulene and several other amazing natural ingredients all work together to provide natural anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, calming and healing benefits. A Zit doesn't have a chance with this amazing Spot Serum.

Now we all know going to bed with your makeup on is a no-no, but not so with these all natural silky Bed-time Minerals. They are good for your skin and work their magic on that annoying Zit while you are sleeping. Helps reduce redness and inflammation as it soothes and heals the Zit.

The 3 products included in this Kit are made of non-toxic, natural ingredients; strong enough and effective enough to get rid of a ZIT quickly but will not irritate sensitive or erupted skin. They are non-comedogenic, acne-safe, and good for your skin!

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Weight 6.04 oz
Dimensions 6.9 x 6.9 x 10.4 cm